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Purity potion, was created a non-heavy, very light, moisturizing oil for people with dryer skin, sensitive skin, and acne & eczema prone skin. Although even if you don’t have sensitive skin you are still able to use this product!


This specific blend of different oils will slow down the break outs by hydrating your skin. Dried out skin is more prone to the cause of breakouts and early aging. With the fatty acid contents jojoba oil has and the sweet almond oil is highly emollient meaning it helps to balance the absorption of moisture and water loss this is an amazing blend, it is also non-comedogenic.


This oil has a nice blend of rose petals, calendula petals and lavender buds, and it’s not over powering on scent its very light ylang ylang. Anti inflammatory, reduces redness, evening out skin tones, helps scars and wounds heal faster, and more is what this oil offers.


Size : 2oz






•Organic Rose hip oil- Helps with scars, decrease discoloration, help stimulate collagen production, smooths wrinkles and fine lines

•Organic Vitamin E oil- Anti- aging, moisturizing skin, wound healing, reduce itchyness, eczema, psoriasis, minimizing apperance of scars

•Jojoba oil- Non- comedogenic, reduce breakouts, does not clog pores, moistureizing

•Sweet almond oil- Helps with eczema, superficial burns, promotes smooth- youthful, blemish- free skin. Known to boost collagen production and protect against UV rays

•Ylang Ylang essiential oil- soothe & treat dry skin, smooth wrinkles, reduce scaring, antibacterial, anti- inflammatory


•Infused with dried

•Calendula- Anti- inflammitory, antibacterial, sooths irritation, helps heal wounds, sooths eczema, rich in antioxidants

•Rose petals- softens skin, reduces acne and scars, wrinkles, dry skin, sensitive skin, protects against UV damage, delay the apperance of wrinkles

•Lavender buds- burns, eczema, antibacterial, reduce redness, soothe and calm the skin, lessen acne, help even out skin tone




Apply after washing and toning your skin, 1 full dropper (not even, less is more) is really all you need to get enough moisture in your skin. Use 2x daily (morning & night) to achieve maximum moisture and a radiant complextion.

Purity Potion

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