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My name is Bri, I'm 22 years old and I am the creator of Trippy Clippies that started in August 2020. It started with Roach/ ATM clips and progressively got more into jewelry such as: beaded and crystal jewelry. I truly love what I do, I love to create. I got into jewelry making when I was around the age of 13 and expanded it over the years. I will provide genuine crystals and beautiful wrapping to each stone, All stones are intuitively chosen from local or online small businesses. Jewelry making is my passion and I won't ever look back. Thank you all for the support and for checking out my site! (:

INSTAGRAM: @trippyclippies  FACEBOOK @ Trippy Clippies

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  • The Pendant is 100% Handmade with lots of love and care, Each pendant is cleansed and charged before sending out.

  • Handle each pendant with gentle care.

  • Take off before going into the shower, in the pool, or in any form of water.

  • Do not sleep with pendent on (pendant and cord will go through wear faster)


  • Do not bend clip (if you do it's fine, just don't bend it back and forth)

  • The wire is 20g.

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