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Hippie scrub a facial and body scrub that is designed to exfoliate the skin removing dead skin cells without leaving your skin thirsty for moisture, keeping it looking young, radiant, and smooth.

Avocado oil is the oil used in hippie scrub. This specific oil is super rich in vitamins A, B, D, and E and beta carotene. Beta Carotene can help maintain the health of the skin and may protect against the sun's UV rays. In addition to being super rich in different vitamins, it also contains potassium which promotes faster cell growth, and lecithin which is used as an emollient, making skin feel smooth by restoring hydration. Honey fights acne and breakouts along with lightening the scars and hyperpigmentation, Honey penetrates so deeply into the skin it brings hydration to under layers.

This scrub is designed to also brighten the skin and is anti inflammatory thanks to the turmeric and coffe grounds in it. This is gentle on the skin and contains Castile soap which will gentle cleanse the skin along with exfoliating.

This is a newer formula as of 3/15/24.

DISCLAIMER: Store in a cool dry place. Comes with a small spoon to scoop out. Try not to get it super wet on the inside.


What's inside:

Castile soap ( saponifies organic olive oil, coconut and sunflower oils, organic aloe Vera, organic shea butter, natural rosemary extract and citric acid), sugar, avocado oil, turmeric, coffee, honey, vegetable glycerin, fragrance


Hippie scrub

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