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Please allow 1-4 weeks for all custom orders, this is for the time if I would have to order any items and make the product and shipping. Email or DM @trippyclippies on Instagram, This will be for all custom order items. Pricing may have to be adjusted due to the price of beads, crystals, or time to make. Another invoice will be sent if you before the item ships out. Below is a list of items that are required to be included in custom order emails or DM, this makes it easier for me to create. If you would prefer me to be creative and do what I think put that in the email/dm instead.


For roach clip :

Color of beads, characters, or items you wanted on the clip, if you wanted any crystals or crystal beads, the color of wire (gold, rose gold, silver, black)


Crystal bracelet: the types of stones you want on your bracelet, Any charms, and how many inches your wrist is. (bracelets are usually 7 inches around) 


Crystal pendants: crystal of choice, the shape of crystal (heart, moon, star, etc) the color of wire (rose gold, gold, silver, black), length of chain, the color of chain (gold, silver, or black rope only comes 16 or 18 inches)


  • I am open to items that are not listed above as well (waist beads, ankle bracelets, etc)


Please email/ DM me with any further questions or concerns

Custom orders